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Concierge Therapy

Concierge Therapy is therapy tailored to your schedule.

Affinity Therapy Services is dedicated to meeting your psychotherapy needs when most therapy services are unavailable.

Affinity Therapy Services uses a unique internet Tele-Medicine technology to assist those individuals who wish to utilize therapy services at home, the office or on the road. With this service, we are able to assist California residents whether they are in California or traveling around the world. Through our dedicated, confidential, private tele-medicine hosting service, we are able to provide psychotherapy via the internet. This service is password protected, confidential, completely private.
Available in late evening hours.

Can't sleep?
Need to resolve a problem?
Do your best thinking at night?
Need some assistance but you're in a different time zone than most therapist's normal working hours?

Affinity Therapy Services has:
  • Same Day Therapy Appointments
  • Late Night Therapy Appointments
  • Evening Therapy Appointments
  • Urgent Therapy Appointments
  • Therapy for Travelers
  • Video Therapy Appointments

Who uses Affinity Concierge Therapy services?
  • Business Travelers
  • Well known celebrities, politiicans or public figures who wish to have private services.
  • Servicemen and women stationed away from home.
  • 9 to 5 Workers with responsibilities to attend to outside of work
  • Homemakers who need to stay home with their children
  • Individual suffering from Social Anxiety who need to start services via Web
  • Disabled individuals for whom travel would be inconvenient.
  • Individuals who seek treatment but for whom the distance to therapy office is prohibitively far.

Corporate staff are often traveling around the country and around the globe yet still need coaching and assistance on goals, plans and personal issues.  Often the first opportunity they have to take some time to talk is late at night when work has slowed down. Just as often they are traveling and in a time zone that makes talking to a therapist inconvenient for the average working therapist.

Working parents often cannot get away and find the only convenient time to talk is late at night, once the little ones are safely tucked in bed.

Enter Affinity Therapy Services, with our Concierge Therapy plan, you can schedule therapy for an hour that is most convenient for you.

Currently we have openings from 9pm to 1am on Monday through Friday.  Contact us at https://www.breakthrough.com/therapists/201558-find-a-marriage-family-therapist-ross-grossman